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Mediation is useful when the parties are prepared to negotiate in good faith and work towards a mutually satisfying compromise.
Mediation is a cost effective and less confrontational means of resolving a dispute. There are advantages of having an independent third party assisting all parties in clarifying disputed issues and identifying possible options for all parties, the least of all being the independence and ownership by all involved of the outcome. 
All meetings between the parties are strictly confidential, and are generally conducted by face-face meetings with all parties present.

At not time will our Mediators provide any form of legal advice, nor impose a decision, that is not their function, they are there purely as an independent body to assist all parties in resolving thier issues and arriving at a mutally agreeable and amicable solution.
Michael is AQSM's senior ADR Mediator, with many years of corporate, small business and personal mediation under his belt and wil be more than happy to organise an initial consultation with you to ascertain the best way forward for all concerned.
Work related injuries cost Australian businesses thousands every year, they also pose challenges for all types of businesses. With evidence showing the best road to recovery is getting back to work.

Our focus is assisting your injued workers returning to work in a safe durable, cost effective and sustainable time frame. Reducing costs to your business and insurance premiums, reinforcing to your injured worker yoiu have their best interests at the forefront, and promoting a positive and proactive safety culture. Though not all businesses have the ability to either have a dedicated RRTWC, or the finances to employ one on a full time basis. That is where we come in, with dedicated and experienced injury management consultants, we will be able to assist in formulating an appropriate return to work plan, liaise with the injured worker, supervisers, rehab consultants , treating health professionals to ensure your injured workers and your business needs are meet. Thus enabling you to concentrate on your business strategies and productivity, while we concentrate on managing your workplace injuries.

​So too, are we able to provide injury prevention strategies and training to help prevent reoccurrences of work related injuries, or identify potential risks for your business.

​                To see how AQSM can help in your injury management strategies, contact us on +61 403 603 581, or email